Buying a home is one of the most important financial transactions Georgia families make. Horne and Griffis continues to provide one of the most trusted real estate departments in West Georgia. Headed by partner Matt Horne, our Newnan law firm specializes in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate law.

Handling real estate transactions requires experience. Our attorneys have spent decades providing legal services to residential and commercial buyers and sellers in Coweta, Carroll, Heard, Fayette, Meriwether and surrounding counties. We also represent lenders, builders and developers across Georgia. We strive to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

What exactly is a “closing”?

The closing is when the seller actually transfers the title to the property to the buyer. The buyer signs all loan papers and wires money for the closing costs and down payment (or purchase price if there is not a loan). The closing takes place in our offices, located in historic downtown Newnan, Georgia. It is important to know that typically, if you are obtaining financing for the acquisition, the closing attorney represents the lender, not the seller, not the real estate agent and not the purchaser. If you want an attorney to solely represent your interest, you must hire one.

Getting Ready for Closing

Both the seller and purchaser have signed the contract.  The purchaser has his loan approved. Now, it’s time to prepare for your Georgia real estate closing. The more you know, the more painless your closing will be. To make your closing smooth and free of surprises, once you have a binding contract and your loan is approved, you need to coordinate a closing date and time.

To schedule a real estate closing, please contact our office at 770-253-3282 or email