Land Use and Zoning

Partner Melissa Griffis heads Horne & Griffis’ land use and zoning practice. She has appeared more than any other attorney in the City of Newnan and Coweta County on zoning matters. Why trust your potentially complicated and costly zoning issues to any other firm? Horne & Griffis boasts wide experience in zoning map amendments, zoning…

Real Estate Closings in Georgia 101

If you are purchasing real estate with another person, it is important to consider how you will take title to the property. Georgia law recognizes two primary options for joint ownership: 2) Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship and 2) Tenants in Common. Tenants in Common means that upon the death of one owner, the deceased owner’s interest will pass to the deceased owner’s estate.

Estate Planning in Georgia 101

A will is a legal document that directs how certain property that you own at the time of your death (called your probate estate) is distributed after your death. A will must be properly executed to be valid. Your will takes effect only upon your death.