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Divorce affects, directly or indirectly, virtually every family in the country.  In the State of Georgia, there are thirteen grounds for divorce.  One ground is that the marriage is irretrievably broken (sometimes referred to as the no-fault ground).  The other 12 grounds for divorce in Georgia are fault grounds.

The residency requirement to be divorced in Georgia is that the defending spouse must have lived in the State of Georgia for six consecutive months prior to the filing of the divorce action.  A contempt action may be filed in the county of the divorce even if the party has moved.  A modification action must be filed in the county where the defending party resides.

If there is an agreement between the parties, court attendance may not be necessary.  Our attorneys pride themselves in the ability to assist non-litigation seeking clients in resolving their family law matters outside of court.  However, should there be a disagreement as to any matter making court intervention necessary, our experienced attorneys are prepared to litigate the case for a favorable outcome to our clients.



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