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ARBITRATION and mediation

At Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis we firmly believe and wholeheartedly endorse alternatives to the traditional idea of courtroom combat.  Instead of fighting it out in front a judge or a jury, a number of choices are often available.

The attorneys at Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis advise firm clients as to other methods of resolving disputes.  No longer should parties in litigation be exclusively forced to endure long and costly civil procedures that often end in complex presentations to judges and juries.  This is where our experienced legal practitioners suggest the many alternative methods that can save time and money while still achieving successful and desired results.

Methods of alternate dispute resolution include:

MEDIATION—where a neutral third party facilitates a settlement;

ARBITRATION—where an experienced third party sits as fact finder;

COLLABORATIVE LAW—where a team of professionals work with the parties to craft a settlement.

The significant growth of alternative dispute resolution methods and services in recent years cannot be ignored.  Lawyers at Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis routinely utilize the services of organizations such as the American Arbitration Association to assist clients.  Hiring an attorney schooled in and familiar with the arbitration techniques and association rules is integral to taking full advantage of this method of dispute resolution.

Over the years, the experienced attorneys of Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis have successfully conducted mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law on behalf of clients.  Contact a firm attorney today to explore these efficient methods of conflict resolution.


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