Why retain counsel miles from where you live? The experienced personal injury lawyers of Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis, P.C. often assist clients in Coweta, Heard,Carroll, Meriwether, Fayette and the surrounding communities in personal injury matters.  When injured in a car accident or other unfortunate event, the last thing you want to do is travel some distance to speak with your attorney.  Our personal injury attorneys are available to meet with you about your possible claim face-to-face.  We believe in making a personal connection with our clients. This personal connection makes a big difference when the time arrives to make big decisions about your case.

Our Newnan, GA personal injury attorneys have handled car accident, premises liability, and negligence claims for many years, Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis, P.C. should be your first call, after receiving medical treatment, when faced with negotiating a claim with insurance companies.  And since insurance companies have experienced representation - so should you.

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Trial Practice in All Courts

If negotiations break down, the skilled trial attorneys at Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis often file lawsuits in state and federal courts.  The process of bringing a complex personal injury complaint in the appropriate court requires great tenacity and experience.  It is not suggested that you go it alone.  By retaining an attorney to conduct discovery, you can use the law to procure documentary evidence and take of depositions of witnesses under oath.

Don’t let insurance companies tell your story. Let the attorneys of Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis navigate the intricate civil processes required to get to the truth and discover important facts that will enhance the value of your claim.  And should your case result in a trial before a jury, having an attorney who has been there and done it all before is critical to achieving any measure of success.  The litigation team of Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis, also, relies on a network of referral attorneys and expert personnel to advise clients as to their options, including litigation.  Make an informed decision with the right attorney by your side.



And don’t delay getting experienced representation.  The Statute of Limitations in the State of Georgia for most cases involving personal injury is two (2) years after the right of action accrues, which is usually when the injury occurs.  See OCGA § 9-3-33. This means that after the limitations period has ended, you might not be able to pursue your claim.  And retaining an attorney early in the process is generally the best way to preserve evidence that may later play an important role in settling your claim amicably.


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